pierogi pork

The best pierogi I’ve ever eaten in my life — one that ruined all other pierogi for me — was at Michael Symon’snow-closed restaurant Lola在俄亥俄州的克利夫兰。我仍然记得它的外观:一个半月的酥脆面团,上面塞满了牛肉脸颊。这也许是我品尝过的最decade废的东西之一。在empanada和calzone之间的某个地方;每次咬人都很明显。我发誓要从西蒙的食谱中做一天(有my favorite chili recipe) but never did.

输入妮可·鲁克(Nicole Rucker),本周的客人You’ve Got to Taste This。妮可(Nicole)在一家食谱俱乐部(对不起,男人,只是女人),而他们经过测试的最成功的食谱之一恰好是她本周送我做的Pierogi食谱。金博宝188bet他们来自Zuza Zak的食谱Pierogi,这很有意义,它们塞满了这种焦糖猪肉的神奇混合物与浸泡过的水果混合,在盐水中煮沸,然后用大量的黄油炒。不用说,它们是绝对的trumph。

Baked Pasta with Fontina and Roasted Mushrooms


Some new friends were coming over the other night and I asked them what they ate and they said “we eat meat but mostly vegetables” and that’s when I knew I was going to serve them a pound of cheese. It’s not that I was trying to fatten them up or punish them for being so wholesome, it’s just that I count cheese as a vegetable. But on the off chance they were looking for real vegetables in their dinner, I decided to find a recipe that had cheese AND a vegetable and landed onMelissa Clark’s recipe for baked pasta with ricotta, fontina, and roasted mushrooms

No-Bacon-Necessary Pasta with Porcini Rosemary Tomato Sauce

每隔一段时间,我都会想到我的狗以及我永远无法吃他的事实。然后我想到他看起来像小猪以及我的样子猪吃培根。但如果我做吃的bacon and bacon comes from a pig aren’t I eating a version of my dog? Don’t worry, I’m not making a case for vegetarianism (though there’s certainly a case), I’m setting up a post about a porcini rosemary tomato sauce.

嗨,我叫亚当·罗伯茨(Adam Roberts),我大约二十年前就创办了这个美食博客(明年恰好将二十年!),我很长一段时间没有写博客。那是因为我发现了其他渠道Substackand播客andInstagramandTikTokandcookbooksto express myself food-wise. Then yesterday I had a revelation: nowhere, in the Amateur Gourmet metaverse is there anywhere to share recipes. Especially ones that you can print. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what people want the most from food writers? Recipes? That they can print? “Maybe I should take the old food blog out for a spin,” I thought to myself. And here we are.


我表现出了某种类型的烹饪,被称为“我只是从旅行中回来了,冰箱里有什么?”烹饪。通常,当我从某个地方回来时,我也是Fatootsed要去购物,所以我要么(a)屈服并从松和起重机,我们最喜欢的外卖点;或(b)与我周围的一切一起进行烹饪秋千。昨晚从圣塔芭芭拉(Santa Barbara)回来后,我去了选择B。


最残酷的事情之一食品作家问道innocent home cooks to do is to make pesto in a mortar and pestle. Yes, I know, Italian grandmothers do this instead of pilates; yes, I know, it yields a texture that’s so silky you want to rub it all over your body and wear it as a dress. I get that. But for most people, the idea of making pesto in a mortar and pestle just makes them not want to make pesto. And that’s a shame! Because pesto is one of the most terrific things you can make at home, especially if you make in the summer.



“你是不是疯了?”我想对梅利莎·克拉克(Melissa Clark)大喊意大利面带有焦糖辣椒和凤尾鱼inspired this particular dinner. “Put the anchovies in the hot oil first? Before the peppers?! And use a whole jar?” The spatter coated not just the whole pan, but the tea kettle next to it and my entire stove top. I was ready to jump overboard. But the resulting dinner had Craig aflutter, moaning “Oh my God” upon taking the first bite. As a person1188金宝搏亚洲 (从每周两次的意义上说),这可能是我在厨房里敲响的最有效的意大利面。


Pour one out, if you will, for the imported Italian bowl that you see above: I bought it on eBay a few years ago, it was my pride and joy, and yesterday — after doing the dishes — I was putting ramekins away high up in a cabinet and one of them fell and broke my most treasured kitchen possession. There are now two broken off pieces and my friend Rebecca gave me aKintsugi套件,但永远不会一样。

值得庆幸的是,它的昨晚在地球上是一个快乐的人(在唱片中,有一个双胞胎,以防您再次看到碗!)。因为我使用冷冻豌豆,一点黄油,葱和许多帕尔玛干酪制作的意大利面而开心。These are all things you should have in your fridge and freezer anyway: frozen peas (they’re better than fresh peas!), Parmesan cheese (guilty secret: I buy the good stuff, but already grated… don’t @ me), butter (I’m going through a Kerrygold phase), and scallions, which are excellent on eggs, in salads, and, as you’re about to see, pasta.

Pasta with Zucchini and Almonds

I’m not the world’s biggest zucchini fan. It’s fine: I like it in bread, I guess I like it in a salad. Maybe on a pizza?

但是,我的档案中有一个食谱确实使西葫芦对我来说还活着。那是这个配菜Zucchini with Almonds来自纽约的红猫。您要做的是:您用橄榄油炒杏仁,就在它们开始烤面包时,您会添加一堆切成薄片的西葫芦。加入一大块盐,四处乱逛,然后立即用柠檬挤压。