Double Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Here’s some free life advice: if you ever see two vanilla beans on sale for $8, buy them.

这是我上周发生了什么事回声公园的食谱。他们正在用八美元的小包装出售香草豆。事情就是这样:如果您以前从未与香草豆一起工作过,那么您应该至少一次对待自己的体验……尤其是如果您喜欢香草。新鲜的香草豆以最自然的方式非常芬芳 - 与香草味的蜡烛完全相反 - 并用锋利的刀将小黑色种子刮掉是我们中最接近的人,是购买鱼子酱的最接近。

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no better way to use a vanilla bean than to make vanilla bean ice cream. The simple ingredients — whole milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar — really allow the vanilla bean to shine. And though there are many complex and wonderful ice creams out there for you to make (David Lebovitz’s Malted Milk Ice Cream, with Whoppers in it, from完美的勺子可能是我的最爱),香草豆是理想的入门冰淇淋。它确实向您展示了自制的冰淇淋可以品尝到类似于商店的味道。

For this version, I used a recipe from a new favorite ice cream book (#2, after David’s):La Grotta Ices。这本书是小猫遍历, who sells ice cream in a converted green grocers in South London. I saw it, once again, at Cookbook right near the vanilla beans. The cover called out to me.

The book is full of surprising and delightful ice cream and sorbet combinations: pink gooseberry and hazelnut crunch, prune and Earl Grey, rhubarb and Angelica. All of that sounds quite exquisite, but I thought the best one to give the book a test drive was the French vanilla. Only, as mentioned, I used two vanilla beans instead of one.

I even went a step further and used my vanilla sugar — sugar that sits in a jar with discarded vanilla beans — to really hit another vanilla note. I suppose you could call this triple vanilla bean ice cream, but let’s not get carried away with ourselves. Whatever you call it, it comes out looking gorgeous with the little black specks (don’t you love little black specks in your vanilla ice cream?) and tasting truly sublime.

只是为了额外的美食,我用一些花哨的橄榄油和萨巴(必须是煮熟的葡萄)为我的服务 - 自从我在不列颠哥伦比亚省The Grove的Marcel Monsieur Marcel买了一瓶瓶子以来,我就躺着了。(在COVID之前)。但是您可以以任何方式最重要。Asalted caramel saucemight be nice. Or just eat it by itself. You put two vanilla beans in it, for crying out loud! But you won’t regret that choice, especially if it’s your first time. Your first time with a vanilla bean is always special.


Double Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

A splurgy but worth-it vanilla ice cream using a recipe from Kitty Travers' La Grotta Ices.


  • 2vanilla pods原始食谱需要一个,但我称这种为“双香豆冰淇淋”,​​因此取决于您。
  • 11/2cups全脂牛奶
  • 1cupheavy cream
  • sea salt
  • 3large egg yolks
  • 1cupsugar


  • Start by splitting the vanilla pods down the middle with a small, sharp knife. Scrape out the seeds and place them, and the pods, in a pot with the milk, cream, and sea salt. Turn the heat to medium, and whisk to get the seeds broken up as it heats. Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks and sugar together in a separate bowl.
  • When the liquid is hot and steaming (but not boiling), quickly whisk a little into the egg yolks to temper them. Then add the rest of the liquid, whisking constantly, until it's combined.
  • Return it to the pot and cook over a medium/low heat until it reaches 180 degrees, stirring all the time with a rubber spatula to prevent it from curdling. As soon as it reaches the proper temp, pour into another container (a soup container works great), cover, and refrigerate overnight. (As Kitty Travers says: "This recipe really does benefit from being aged in the fridge overnight before churning. The texture will thicken and have better 'mouthfeel' and you get a warm long-lasting flavour from the vanilla pod." Two pods, in our case.
  • The next day (sorry!), strain the custard through a fine-mesh sieve into a clean container, pressing down to extract everything from the vanilla pods. Use a hand blender to blend the cold custard for a minute to emulsify. (If you don't have one, you can skip this step.)
  • 将蛋奶倒入冰淇淋机中,并按照机器的说明进行搅动,直到冻结并质地搅拌为20至25分钟。
  • Transfer to a lidded container and freeze until ready to serve.


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