Noodles with Mushrooms, Chiles, and Lime

noodles mushrooms

When you cook a recipe with lots of ingredients, you expect a big impact. So it would follow that cooking a recipe with just a few ingredients would be less impactful; that it would be simple in the way mashed potatoes are simple: straightforward, satisfying, but not complex. And then someone sends you a recipe for noodles with mushrooms, chiles, and lime and you think to yourself, “okay that seems pretty basic,” but then you make it and you marvel at the way every ingredient sings. Not just flavor-wise, but texture-wise. From the crunchy, salty, roasted peanuts you add at the end, to the refreshing whole cup of cilantro that gets stirred in too. Suddenly simple isn’t basic, simple is where it’s at.

Chicken Sauce Piquant

chicken sauce piquant

It’s funny the things that inspire us to cook dinner. I was recently scrolling through TikTok (as one does these days) when a video popped up ofEmeril Lagasse making a roux。I’ve long been curious about the process of making a true roux; from everything that I’ve read, it’s a long process — you have to stand there, like you’re making risotto, only instead of twenty minutes, it can take up to an hour. But that process of stirring flour into fat and slowly toasting it creates a base for your soup or stew or gumbo or, in this case, chicken sauce piquant, that not only boosts the flavor, but thickens things into a rich and decadent gravy.


whey pancakes

Little Miss Muffet can keep her curds: I’m stealing her whey. Especially to make these blow-you-a-whey pancakes with homemade labneh which (spoiler alert!) are easily some of the best pancakes that I’ve ever made and/or eaten in my life.

The secret is the milky white substance that collects in the bowl underneath the sieve when you strain yogurt overnight in the fridge. If you’ve never done this, you’ve never made labneh, which is a real shame because labneh is like yogurt taken to the power of eleven. It’s thick and creamy and works as a dip, a spread, even on its own as a base for fruit and granola. But we’re not here to talk about the labneh, we’re here to talk about the whey!


baked chicken thighs

保持发酵,猪排,切解的法式洋葱汤;当涉及到我感兴趣的菜肴时,我宁愿吃您童年吃的最喜欢的东西 - 特别是如果母亲用爱为您做的东西。亚伦·哈切森(Aaron Hutcherson)的烤鸡大腿是黄油和洋葱。这是一种看似简单的菜肴,他的母亲是用自制的香料混合物,骨头,皮鸡大腿和足够的黄油制成的,可以给所有东西带来一些挑战。这是一个周末晚餐,在周末感觉足够好。

Keema Pau

Keema Pau


Thankfully, I startedthis new podcast我的客人向我发送了食谱,以使我永远不会想到自金博宝188bet己做。例子:这个keema pau是由我建议的my guest this week, Karan Soni,,,,who you may know from theDeadpool电影或节目Miracle Workers。Karan and his partner Roshan came over for dinner and noticed the洗碗我的架子上的食谱点亮了:他在大流行期间通过它烹饪了自己的方式,并且绝对喜欢他制作的食物。因此,当我要求他向我发送吊舱的配方时,他将我转介到第109页,这是Keema Pau的配方。

Rosemary Dijon Rack of Lamb with Crispy Potatoes

rack of lamb

Would you believe that I’ve cookedlamb necks,,,,lamb shoulders,,,,羔羊腿,,,,but never that most famous lamb preparation of all… a classic rack of lamb?

原因实际上很简单:羔羊架很昂贵。而且,就像我是肉厨师一样自信,我总是害怕,如果我挥舞着像羔羊架一样decade废的东西,我会把它搞砸了。一旦您煮熟,肉就很难修复。值得庆幸的是,我不必担心这个特殊的架子,因为那是礼物!好吧,我收到了一张在线屠夫100美元的礼券,我选择了一个1 1/2磅的羔羊架,并在运输中算出了整个$ 100。(我知道,这太疯狂了,但是现在您知道为什么我避免了这么长时间烹饪羊肉架。)

Claire Saffitz’s Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake


Bundt cakes often look better than they taste. That’s because, at the end of the day, you’re dumping a bunch of cake batter into a big heavy mold that needs to cook for a while to have stability, but also (very often) dries the cake out in the process. So how do you make a big, impressive-looking bundt cake that actually tastes good? You soak it as soon as it comes out of the oven. I’ve seen recipes for lemon cakes where you cook sugar with lemon juice just until the sugar dissolves to make a lemon syrup and then pour that over the cake (see:The Barefoot Contessa); but I’ve never seen one where you mix raw lemon juice with sugar and olive oil and pour that over the cake. That was until I encountered Claire Saffitz’s Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake in her new cookbook什么是德ssert?



I have a vivid memory of being in Venice with my parents in the early 2000s (it’s documentedhere) when my brother and I decided to freak out our mother by drinking espresso after dinner. We were actually always a coffee-after-dinner family but the coffee was always decaf. To this day, my parents still order decaf if they’re in the mood for a hot beverage after a big meal. But in Italy, drinking espresso after dinner is a tradition and to quote Tevye, “Tradition!” So we drank the espresso and, as far as I can remember, we still fell asleep and all was fine. But my mother’s concern was still on my mind when I madeSusan Spungen’s Dirty Chai Earthquake Cookies上周参加晚宴。

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